5 Questions About Microdermabrasion

1. What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin, using fine crystals or tiny diamond tipped tools, to abrade the top layer of the skin. This is combined with suction which removes the dead skin cells as they are lifted. As well as removing dead skin cells, exfoliation unblocks pores and reduces the barrier which prevents topical treatments and creams from penetrating deep into the skin. By removing the dead skin layer and encouraging growth of a new layer, collagen production is enhanced, increasing skin thickness, tightness and improving the skin tone.

2.What is involved in a Microdermabrasion procedure?

We will first cleanse your skin to remove any oil or dirt. Our nurses will then start the microdermabrasion procedure using the specialised device. The device includes a small tube which is pressed against the skin, micro crystals are blasted through this tube to remove the dead skin. The device also includes a vacuum which sucks up the dead skin cells and the micro crystals.

After the microdermabrasion is complete, we will nourish your skin with a special moisturising cream, as well as sun protection so you can immediately go back to your daily activities.

3. Is Microdermabrasion painful?

There is no pain associated with a microdermabrasion. You may feel some slight tickling or tingling as the crystals are contacting the skin, however you will get used to this after a few seconds. Your skin will be slightly red after the procedure for about 24 hour (*can vary from patient to patient).

4. How long will the effects last?

We recommend maintaining your fresh and healthy skin with a microdermabrasion treatment every 3-4 months.

5. Will I get any scarring?

No, you will get no scarring whatsoever from a microdermabrasion procedure.

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Cost: $110
Length Of Procedure: 30 minutes
Hospital Stay: Not required
Back At Work: Immediately
Full Recovery: 24 hours
Noticeable Change: Immediately
Final Results* Achieved: 24 Hours
Duration of Results*: 3 Months*Results can vary from patient to patient