5 Questions About Vaser Face and Neck Lifts

1. What is a Vaser face/neck Lift?

A Vaser Face Lift involves using a fine laser probe, inserted underneath the skin to both melt fat cells at the same time as tightening the skin. By melting the fat in your jowls and cheeks, your face will no longer have that extra fat weighing your face down and pulling on your skin. The Vaser will also tighten up the excess skin around your cheeks, jowls and neck.

2. What is the difference between a Vaser facelift and a regular face lift?

The Vaser face lift is much less invasive than a traditional face lift. There is no large cutting or slicing involved with a Vaser face lift, only a tiny incision is made behind the ear and under the neck to allow the insertion of the one millimetre Vaser probe. These scars look like tiny mosquito bites for a few weeks to a few months, and will eventually fade to be practically invisible.

No skin is removed, the skin you have will be tightened and strengthened by the Vaser.

The results of the Vaser face lift are between 60-90% of what you would expect with a traditional facelift (*Results can vary from patient to patient), and the Vaser face lift is also much less expensive, at less than half the cost of a traditional face lift

3. Should I get a Vaser face lift?

The ideal candidate are those over 40 years of age with sagging jowls. Younger patients can also get the procedure, not necessarily to lift sagging skin, instead it can be done to melt the fat pads in the cheeks and lower face, reducing the chubby appearance, to get a more well-defined jawline.

4. When will I be back to work?

The Vaser face lift is a day procedure which takes around an hour. You will go home on the same day and you will only need 1-2 days off work. You may have some slight swelling for up to a week. You will have little to no bruising, as the Vaser minimises bleeding and trauma to surrounding tissues. (*Can vary from patient to patient).

5. Are the results permanent?

The fat we melt is gone forever. It can never return. The skin will age naturally again over time, although the sagging will be significantly reduced to start off with, due to the tightening procedure.

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Cost: From $3,500

Length Of Procedure: 30 – 60 minutes

Hospital Stay: Not required

Back At Work: 1-2 Days

Full Recovery: 6 Weeks

Noticeable Change: Immediately

Final Results* Achieved: 3-6 Months

Duration of Results*: Permanent

*Results can vary from patient to patient