5 Questions About Facial Contouring

1. How do we contour the face?

At Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast we offer a non-surgical way of contouring the face, by using muscle relaxant injections. When injected into the masseters (Jaw Muscles), the muscle relaxant decreases the size of the jaw muscle, turning a squarer, masculine jaw, into a softer, triangular jaw line.

2.Why relax the jaw muscles?

We use our jaw muscles every day, so just like weight training in the gym, as we get older our jaw muscles become stronger, more developed and larger. We also lose fat in our cheeks as we age, this combined with the stronger jaw muscle means that our face will loose its youthful, slimmer shape, and become more square like.

3. Can muscle relaxants reduce teeth grinding?

Yes. The contouring of the jaw can also reduce teeth grinding which may mean patients will no longer have to sleep with a splint at night. It can also reduce the occurrence of migraine headaches.

Dr. Kim’s medical and dental background means he can truly offer you expert advice on treating this part of the face!

4. What is involved in the treatment?

The procedure only takes around 20 – 30 minutes. A few injections into the masseter muscle (Jaw line) will only be mildly uncomfortable. After a few minutes of icing, you will not be left with any marks, and could go straight back to work without anyone noticing you have had a procedure. However in rare cases there may be some bruising. (*This can vary from patient to patient).

5. What if I don’t like my new jaw line?

The injectable we use doesn’t produce permanent results, after 4-12 months the effects will be gone (*Results can vary from patient to patient). There will be no term changes, and you will be completely back to how you were before the procedure.

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Cost: $500-$800

Length Of Procedure: 30 minutes

Hospital Stay: Not required

Back At Work: Immediately

Full Recovery: Immediately

Noticeable Change: 1-3 weeks

Final Results* Achieved: 3-4 weeks

Duration of Results*: 4-12 months

*Results can vary from patient to patient