5 Questions About Calf Reduction

1. What is a calf reduction?

At Cosmos Clinic we use BOtulinum TOXin to relax the calf muscle, creating a slimmer, more feminine appearance of the lower leg. The relaxants we use are the same as those used for anti-wrinkle injections in the face.

2.Why get a calf reduction?

A lot of women can suffer from over developed calves. This can be due to sports, exercise, genetics, or even from wearing heels! The muscle relaxants will help smooth out these bulky, muscular calves. The injections we use can also help with reducing tight calf muscles caused by exercising, and will reduce pain when wearing high heel shoes.

People of Asian decent have a common genetic predisposition to bulky, muscular calves. The trait is often referred to as ‘radish legs’, when the calf muscle appears short and large, compared to the rest of the leg.

3. Will a calf reduction affect my walking or training?

No. We treat the superficial fibres of the muscle. The deeper muscles used for walking, running, and weight training remain unaffected.

4. Do the injections for a calf reduction hurt?

Treatment is a straight forward procedure, where a series of injections will be given to each calf muscle. We use very small needles and they do not hurt any more than a regular blood test. You may experience some bruising in the area. Most patients tolerate the treatment very well.

5. Are there any risks of calf reduction injections?

BOtulinum TOXin is used in many treatments, all over the body, including treating wrinkles, spasms, cross-eyes and muscle tightness. These Injections are safe if given by a trained health professional who has had experience in injecting into the calf muscles. Dr. Kim has trained in this procedure extensively, both in South Korea (where this treatment is VERY popular) and in Australia.

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Cost: Approx. $1,200

Length Of Procedure: 30 mins

Hospital Stay: Not required

Back At Work: Same Day

Full Recovery: Same Day

Noticeable Change: After 2 weeks

Final Results* Achieved: 4 Weeks

Duration of Results*: 8-12 months

*Results can vary from patient to patient