5 Questions About Cellulite Removal

1. What is cellulite?

Those dimples you see on your thighs are actually the outward symptom of cellulite. In fact what most of us don’t know is that cellulite is actually a disease of the connective tissue. The deterioration of the skin’s underlying connective tissue, circulation impairment and enlargement of fat cells are what causes this dimpling effect. The combination of weak skin and enlarged fat cells is what makes the skin take on the bubbling and dimpling look.

2.Why do I have cellulite?

More than 95% of women over the age of 20 will develop some form of cellulite. This includes thin women, super-thin models, healthy women and even toned athletes. It is more of a problem for women than men. Men do not usually get cellulite due to the fact that men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin, and also that fat is situated deeper under a male’s skin than it is in a female.

3. Can exercise get rid of cellulite?

No. The skin has to be re-strengthened, exercise will not do this.

4. How does Cosmos Clinic remove cellulite?

At Cosmos Clinic, we remove cellulite through use of our VaserSmooth treatment. This technology suctions out the fat underneath the skin using liposuction, while at the same time the Vaser probe heats the skin, this strengthens and tightens the skin. By suctioning out the fat and strengthening the skin, the effected area will be smoothed out and the dimpling ‘orange peel’ effect will be removed.

Endermology can also be used, as a completely non-invasive method of treating cellulite. By applying suctioning to the skin, fibroblasts (cells which make collagen) are stimulated, thus strengthening the skin. At the same time, dramatic improvements in the microcirculation underneath the skin acts synergistically to help decrease the appearance of cellulite.

We also use Harvest PRP to treat cellulite. Harvest PRP is a minimally invasive treatment option, which uses a needle to extract your own blood, which is then treated to extract blood platelets, these are then re-injected into the affected areas. Platelets work to strengthen the skin preventing the dimpling effect of cellulite.

5. Is the cellulite gone forever?

We have been performing the surgical procedure for over 5 years and our earliest patients still have excellent results, their cellulite has not returned.

Using endermology, annual “top up” treatments are recommended to prevent the return of cellulite.

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Cost: From $4,400 (for surgical)

Length Of Procedure: 1-2 hours

Hospital Stay: Not required

Back At Work: 2 days

Full Recovery: 6 weeks

Noticeable Change: Immediately

Final Results* Achieved: 6 months

Duration of Results*: 5 years +

*Results can vary from patient to patient