5 Questions About Buttock Augmentations

1. How big will my bum be?

This depends on how much fat you have on your body that can be used for your buttock fat transfer. During the consultation with Dr. Kim, you can discuss your shape and size expectations. To put it in terms of celebrities (because most of us know a few), you can have something small and perky like Jessica Alba’s bum, all the way up to something as voluptuous as the Kim Kardashian style bum. The procedure will also lift saggy bums, refilling and shaping the buttocks to restore it to how your bum was when you were younger.

2.What area can I take the fat from?

Dr. Kim can use Vaser Liposuction to take the fat from many different areas of the body, including the tummy or love handles. With our buttock augmentation procedure we liposuction up to 2 different areas, although if you would like to add additional areas to be liposuctioned, this can be done.

3. What if I don’t have enough fat?

Some patients won’t have enough fat on their body to be used for a buttock fat transfer procedure. In this case, we can discuss healthy ways in which you can gain just enough weight in order to be a candidate for the buttock augmentation procedure.

4. What about butt implants?

Buttock implants have a high rate of complications. Even if everything goes well, the look and feel of a butt implant is a little strange. Although the implants should last for life, buttock implants can sometimes harden with age and will need removing, replacing or repositioning. Buttock fat transfer uses your own natural fat and will never need to be replaced or removed.

Buttock fat transfer produces a more natural looking result, as specific amounts of fat can be injected into any area of the buttocks. So Dr. Kim can smooth out the whole area and create the perfect bum for each individual patient, instead of a ‘one size fits all’  implant.

5. Will I get scars?

The only scars you will have are tiny 3-4mm incisions from Dr. Kim inserts the liposuction cannula. These will fade over time, and will also be hidden in the crease under the buttocks.

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Cost: From $10,000 (Including Vaser Liposuction of 2 areas)

Length Of Procedure: 1-5 hours

Hospital Stay: Not required

Back At Work: 5 days

Full Recovery: 6 weeks

Noticeable Change: Immediately

Final Results* Achieved: 6 months

Duration of Results*: Permanent

*Results can vary from patient to patient